For those of you who do not recognize this, Gamma World was a roleplaying game created by TSR and released in 1978. It suffered some problems as Gamma World and D&D were not compatible. 

Wizards of the Coast decided to bring back Gamma World and make it fourth edition compatible. 

For anyone looking for a simpler game I would recommend Gamma World. It is designed to be lighter in spirit but can easily be made extremely dark and grim. 

Character generation takes only a couple of minutes and is mostly randomized. Characters develop rather quickly as then become afflicted with different random mutations.

I would recommend this as a great game to introduce people to roleplaying as it has a fairly streamlined system and can be used as a stepping stone into D&D. It also only has a 50 page rulebook or so making it a very fast read for new GM’s.

If anyone desires Gamma World content I would be more then happy. World Building etc. takes a fraction of the time in Gamma World as compared to most systems so I could embark on fairly large projects easily.